Rest in Indonesia Maratua Paradise Resort

Maratua is a several kilometers long at all in Indonesian Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. The northern edge of the island on which the resort is located is abruptly rising above the water, and the southern half is below the water level. You can arrive here from Balikpapan through Berau or Taracan by a national airline aircraft. Then a 30-minute trip to the port, and a high-speed boat will deliver you to the resort after about 3.5 hours. Upon arrival or departure, an intermediate night should be planned.

Maratua Paradise Resort is the only resort on a small island with a hengery, framed by palm trees with a sandy beach that optimally disposes to bathing and snorkeling.

Comfortably furnished 8 beach bungalows and 5 aquatic bungalow is an excellent atmosphere for perfect relaxation. The Bungalo in a typical style for the country is equipped with air conditioning, lined with tiles with a bathroom with a bathroom, shower, toilet, have a separate veranda. From the bungalow, they lead tracks to the database for divers and to the restaurant in the open air.

The full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of a “Swedish table”. Blind drinks, water, tea and coffee, as well as light snacks at your disposal all day for free.