Rest in the Seychelles.

Seychelles, settled in the western part of the Indian Ocean, near the equator. Earlier, Seychelles belonged to the UK, but in the second half of the twentieth century they gained independence. Today these islands are one of the most popular tourist places in the world.

Rest in the Seychelles of the islands, mainly popular among European and American tourists. Due to the proximity to the equator, on the Seychelles, almost the same, summer weather stands all year round. The average temperature in January +27 c. Average temperature in July +26c. Geographical and weather conditions allow the republic to prosper due to tourism. Tourism is about 75% of state GDP. In addition, agriculture and fishing are developed in the Seychelles.

On the islands, cinnamon trees and vanillas grow, as well as unique coconut palm trees from the fruits of which they get a copper. In Valya de Me, located on the Seychelles island, the palm trees “Coco de Mer” grow. Their fruits reach 25 kilograms, and its full maturation takes up to ten years! Thus, the fruits of these palm trees are the largest fruits in the world. Local residents have a belief that they were forbidden paradise fruits.

Among the interesting attractions of the islands can also be called giant, Aldab turtles, the weight of which may exceed 250 years, and the age of 150 years! In addition, the nightingale bullets and black parrots vase live on the Seychelles.

The local population is about ninety thousand people. The main language for more than ninety percent of the inhabitants is Creole based on French. Over eighty percent confess Christianity.

Seychelles, were discovered by the famous Admiral Vasco de Gama in 1502. Then these islands were completely uninhabited. But in 1609, an English, research expedition led by Captain A arrived at the archipelago. Sharpey. And the first settlements on the islands were founded by the French in 1756. These settlements consisted of farmers growing cinnamon, vanilla and cloves. That is, there are spices that in those days were valued by its weight in gold. Later, in 1840, the Seychelles went under the Office of Great Britain. But in 1976, they gained complete independence. Modern Seychelles. represent a democratic, Presidential-parliamentary independent republic.

The largest islands of the republic are: MAE, silhouette, praslen and Ladig. In tourist terms, the largest island of MaE is especially popular, its beaches annually visit many tourists. Praslen and silhouette are also very popular tourist islands of the republic. There are many comfortable hotels in the Seychelle resorts. Tourists arriving from around the world are accepted by the International Seychelles Airport, founded in 1972. But, most interestingly, according to the state law, every tourist can rest on absolute any of the local beaches, completely free!