Rest on the Kayman Islands

Extraordinary landscapes, coral reefs, developed infrastructure, magnificent beaches. All this and much annually attract many tourists to the Kaymanov Islands from around the world. The best time for visiting is considered to be a period from November to April. The Kaymanov Islands are located in the north-west of the Caribbean, between Jamaica and Cuba. The country in the Caribbean is just an ideal place for a great rest.

In the summer it is not recommended to visit the Kaymanov Islands, since at this time the rainy season begins there and relax well, it is unlikely that it will work out. These unusually beautiful islands of Great Britain belong and unite 3 islands among themselves: Kaiman-Brak, Small Kayman and Big Kaiman. Rest on the Kaiman Islands is perfect for exotic lovers. Many attracts many people on these fairy -tale islands, almost a complete absence of crime. You can travel around the islands alone, without worrying about your security.

Despite the fact that in the summer, rains and even storms are possible on the island, this does not stop many tourists to come to vacation to the Caribbean is precisely at this time of the year, and this can be explained not only by rather high temperatures, but also with highly reduced vacation prices this time of year.

For lovers of all interesting and unusual, a unique opportunity to visit the farm is given a unique opportunity. It is from this farm that several thousand turtles annually release at sea. There are many mysterious caves on the Kaimans, it is worth noting that each of them has its own fascinating story, romantic or tragic. There is also a National Park of Pargovy, which is filled with unusually beautiful vegetation, which can only be seen there, as well as thousands of exotic birds.

For diving under water and a comfortable beach holiday, several diving are equipped – sites. In the southwest of the island, lighthouses are open for visiting, from them everyone can admire the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. The Kaymanovs of the island can also boast of the fact that they have the lowest unemployment rate, but the highest income. That is why you are unlikely to meet beggars and vagabonds on the Kaiman Islands.

Caribbean, Barbados, Aruba, Martinics – these and many other places for relaxation in the Caribbean are very popular among tourists from around the world and this is understandable, thanks to developed tourism infrastructure and simply ideal climatic conditions.