Rest on Sri Lanka

The mysterious island of Ceylon has long attracted tourists. He did not become less attractive when he regained his real name Sri Lanka. Today, this small island state is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. What attracts them to the island?

First of all, it is, of course, the climate. Soft, warm, wet, with temperature fluctuations for a year of only 2-3 degrees, the climate is one of the main treasures of the island. Here you can embody the dream of an exceptional beach vacation, the benefit of the Indian Ocean temperature almost the whole year is 26-27 degrees, or you can look for a cooler place in mountainous areas. Sri Lanka everywhere there is something to surprise you.

The city that now plays the role of the capital of the state is Colombo. Once it was a small marina for the ships of the Arab merchants, and today-a large port. It is to this city that tourists arrive both by air and by the sea. It is difficult to highlight some individual attractions in Colombo. Just all past centuries left their mark in it. The mansions in the business center went to the city inherited from the 18th -century colonists, narrow and crooked streets in the old part of the city still remember the Arabs who built and burned them, and the Viharamahadevi Park reminds the inhabitants of the island about the First World War.

Those who want to see real antiquities are a direct road to Anuradhapuru. In the vicinity of this city, and partially in the city itself, numerous monuments and relics of the past have been preserved, some of which belongs to 377 BC. e.. Most tourists will certainly visit the rocky monastery Isuurumunius, examine Dagoba (bell -shaped stupas), touch the stone statues of the Buddha in Ruanveli.

Fans of wildlife will appeal to the Hakgala garden. At first, this garden was grown for the production of quinin – medicines for malaria, a frequent guest of a wet and warm island. But today it is a stunning beauty of a reserve in which plants are adjacent to the English garden and exotic fern and orchids. For the latter, the house of orchids and the fern greenhouse were created, which are included in all excursion tours. The animal world of this garden-reserve is more common for the island, but also attractive for tourists. Roe deer, bearded monkeys, birds of all colors and shades leave no one indifferent.

Extreme relaxation lovers make sense to visit the local attraction – rain forest. The plant system, which has developed in a natural way, is arranged so that their roots never reach the sun. Under the trees of this forest, there is always 100% humidity, steam goes from the mouth of excursionists (and this is at a temperature of 30 degrees of heat!). In a word vivid impressions are provided to you.

To visit Sri Lanka, Russians can not arrange a visa in advance, it is issued at the airport, immediately at arrival. Now it is paid – $ 25. Is it worth vaccinating? Absolutely optional. There are practically no dangerous diseases on Sri Lanka now. Those who plan a vacation on Sri Lanka should take an excellent camera with you, cream from tanning and friends. True, you will definitely get friends with friends on Sri Lanka, because here we are so happy about guests. Whatever the beautiful island, for Russians it remains an exotic country, which means very attractive to visit. Tour on Sri Lanka can be bought at almost any travel agency in any city.