Savings in Thailand, tips.

Being in Thailand tourist places, such as: Pattaya, Phuket and, of course, in the capital of the country – Bangkok, always remember that only the desire to get more money from tourists can hide the smiles of local residents. Some tips for those who first gathered in Thailand. While in any of the markets, keep your wallet under control. And when you are going to buy something – bargain. You need to bargain by calling the price three times lower than the proposed, then you will definitely make a discount, at least twice. If not, you need to pretend that you are leaving, and it is better to say that you saw somewhere the same thing much cheaper.

You can also throw a couple of hundred baht in any of the travel agencies offering excursions, and if you are going on a tour of three or more people, ask for a 300 baht discount for each. Hotels at hotels always offer excursions more expensive than agencies on the streets, the excursions themselves are the same. If you, being on one of the islands, want to get somewhere by taxi, look for fellow travelers, because the price for the trip will be the same, regardless of the number of people.

Follow these rules and you will save an impressive amount.