Exclusive services from unusual hotels in New York

New York is a city that personifies the power of a superpower. His rapid pace of life, giant skyscrapers, business activity amaze. Probably only in such a metropolis a person feels free from conventions. Democracy is manifested in the style of clothing, behavior, tolerance of society to sexual minorities.

Much in New York will seem unusual to tourists even in hotels. On the roof of the New York hotel in the center is a unique open-air restaurant. By the way, the rational use of space on the roofs of skyscrapers is a characteristic feature of the metropolis. Even on the roofs of the buildings of financial corporations, bars, golf sites and recreation areas are equipped.

An unusual restaurant is not the only advantage of Standard Hotel. In this hotel, the partitions are made of glass. Therefore, his windows are always full of onlookers who want to watch the guests. Clients themselves do not pay any attention to the audience.

Another New York Hotel became famous. The 12-story complex was opened not so long ago and immediately attracted attention. After all, the round windows of the gray building are outwardly similar to the portholes of the spaceship. The hotel is located on an area of ​​185 feet square. Her number of rooms include 316 rooms.

Visitors can choose New York hotels 5 stars who offer their customers unusual services. One of these services is the “concierge of sleep”, whose duties include entertaining the child until he falls asleep. Of course, taking care of a glass of warm milk for the night. This service is very popular with spouses with children. After all, on vacation, adults so want to devote time to each other, and the son or daughter begin to be capricious at the most inopportune moment. The critical situation will be saved by the “concierge of sleep”.

Many New York hotels are allowed to stay with pets. But creative managers went even further, trying to provide dogs and cats with the most diverse service. Hotel customers can order lunch for their pet in a restaurant (there is a special dog menu), write out toys to the room or send it for real massage. But only dog.

By the way, dog dinners and spa treatments are more expensive than similar services for people. But that is what he is exclusive so that the price is higher. In addition, such services are originally designed for wealthy people who have their own quirks.