Shipodelism – modeling of sailing ships

You decided to start your thorny path to the world of shipodlarism? Do not worry, we will make it easier for you, devoting it to the theoretical part. So, fair wind.

Shipylery introduces us to military – marine affairs, shipbuilding, basics of mathematics and physics, drawing and geometry, hones carpentry, locksmith skills, develops design makings, embodies creative thoughts in reality.

It doesn’t matter if you decided to purchase a set for building a sailboat or proceed to it “from scratch”, it will be useful for you to know the name of the ship’s parts (terminology), their conventions and places of attachment of details.

The ship begins with a hull, which is presented in the form of a three -dimensional complex structure. The ship’s drawing consists of the following sailboat elements:

Corps – it is “cut” three planes that are perpendicular to each other. The first (from the nose to the stern) is called diametral (DP), it also creates side. The vertical second line cuts the hull in half in the middle of the ship, as a rule, in the widest part of it is called “Midel – Figure” and creates the type of body. Parallel to Midel – the frames make notches and these crooked lines are noted in the diagram. The frames are fixed on the right side of the DP, and fodder on the left are fixed. The case is also called the assembly feature of the frames.


Half -haired – the third horizontal line along the water line from the stern to the nose, which is also called waterline (GVL).

Parallel incisions along the DP in terminology are found as “battoks” that participate in the modeling of sailing ships regarding its sides.

These elements can be drawn separately, and can be in detail each of them. Depends on the scheme you have chosen, which you can find posted on the Internet or in a special manual. For the layman, this is a collection of crooked lines.

In the sets, the ship’s hull is already ready and its drawing with the above terms will not come in handy.

The first stage of the modelist of the sailing ship will be the sawing of the frames and the diametral plane, and then, after the construction of the case, the manufacture of a rank, sailing weapons, the installation of rigging and standing match, equipping the wiring of runner rigging, etc. D.

You can make a ship from plywood, cardboard or plastic as you wish and according to the level of skill. A wooden sailboat is a classic ship that was created by a person one of the first, he was a light, maneuverable and stable in sea abyss. In the manufacture of a plastic sailboat, you will have to face toxicity, it is harmful to your health and well -being people around you.