Vadi Ram. Resorts of Asia

A huge number of attractions is possessed by Jordan, one of the most tourist countries of the East. Vadi Ram desert – one of them. It is a unique corner on our planet, for which experienced travelers came up with a name – a lunar landscape. This miracle of nature was created without human participation, forces of tectonic processes and winds. The combination of pink sand, black mountains, the lunar landscape and the singing wind together make an unrealistic impression of being on another planet. It was in this place that the majority of Hollywood films about unearthly life were shot. Vadi Ram-a geological pearl of Jordan, as well as the largest mountain-desert landscape in the world. Powerful, huge and textured mountains with a monolithic wall rise above the arid plain with red sand, on which there is almost no life. Some of the mountain peaks and quarrel peaks rise to a height of 1800m. Only trained climbers are able to climb on them. The variegated hills that are made of sandstone of different colors, as well as gloomy gorges, have been attracting travelers interested in wonderful Jordan for many years. There are many excursions along Vadi Ram, during which you can ride on the back of a camel, accompanied by drovers. The leisurely caravan from the desert ships will lead you to the Trica Trica, in which the good -natured owners will drink you with hot herbal tea and treat you with a baklava. The best season for traveling through the desert in Jordan is spring. At this time, after a short rain period, the desert is fabulously transforming, turning into a flowering valley. Only a few months of the year, birds are singing here, flowers fragrance and dragonflies fly. At every step in the grass there are poppies, wild jasmine, black irises and anemones. Vadi Ram is often included in the tourist companies offered by travel agencies, along with a visit to Akaba, Petra and Dana. This unique place is located only 4 hours on a jeep from the capital of Jordan of the city of Amman. From the resort city of Akaba will have to go by bus hour. The main attraction of the Vadi Ram reserve is considered its desert. This is a classic sample of a sand landscape with bizarre cliffs and multi -colored hills that rise above a smooth pinkish plain. On the territory of the reserve, a system of plots is organized that are guarded by armed people. This is done for a calm living here of rare species of animals and plants.