South Africa. An unforgettable journey to European Africa.

Well, you decided to go south, or rather to Africa, and even more precisely – to Southern Africa. To give preference, it is certainly worth the city of Cape Town – the second largest in the South African Republic. Soft climate and unusually beautiful terrain will not provide you with the opportunity to sit in the hotel room, but on the contrary they will attract on traveling on local attractions, which are quite a lot here. Undoubtedly, your journey to Cape Town itself should be made by plane, it will be an unforgettable sight. A plain settled by a modern man, on three sides washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, is blocked by the rest of the world with the steep cliffs of the mountain dining room. Already from here you can clearly consider the “heart” of Cape Town – Havan Alfred and Victoria, striking by its scale and beauty. The huge Cape Town Stadium, which was built not so long ago, but thanks to the skill of architects, it fit perfectly into the panorama of the city, the legendary Cape of Good Hope and Cape Cape Pointus. By the way, those who got into the city on the ship should not despair, and the first thing you need to conquer the plateau of this very dining room of the mountain. Despite the fact that the rise can be carried out comfortably using the services of the cable car, it will not be difficult, but it will give unprecedented sensations. And now, standing at an altitude of 1086 meters above the sea level, no matter what direction you look, the extraordinary beauty of the panorama opens before you, and it seems that the whole world in front of your feet. The next place that is definitely worth visiting is the “Aquarium of two oceans”. As if plunging at the bottom of the ocean, more than three hundred species of fish and plants living in the waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans will appear to your gaze. There is also a separate gallery here, which contains predators, but this is for lovers of acute sensations. Next, you should go to Botanical Gardens, called Kirstestsh, which are located on the eastern slopes of the dining room of the mountain. The only fact that this place is 528 hectare, enters the seven of the best botanical gardens in the world, will not leave you indifferent until you visit, and visiting this wonderful place, leave this unforgettable journey for a long time in your memory. It is also necessary to visit the castle of good hope, which is the oldest building in the city, at the present time a museum is located in it. You should not deprive your attention with your attention and the so-called one-handed area-an unusual area in which for the most part the descendants of slaves who came here from the lands of Southeast Asia live, this place is famous for its narrow winding streets and extraordinary coloring of the houses.