The mysterious island of Ceylon. Resorts of Asia

Sri Lanka or Ceylon Island is a unique place for individual travelers. In ancient times, Sri Lanka was one of the richest civilizations in the world. Now this country for lovers of adventure, romantics, a country where tropical vegetation is rampant, where the coast is covered with golden beaches, and the ocean beckons its greenish-blue water. Each Lankosky district is purely individual. Some of them are famous for their sunken or hidden treasures, others – the sights of the flora and fauna. The population of this tropical island is very friendly, which makes travels even more pleasant. Ceylon is one of the oldest Buddhist places in the world. Sri State Flag – Lanka – a dark -scarlet background, which depicts a lion, squeezing a saber in its huge paw, circled by a yellow strip. Red color on the flag means Buddhism, yellow is a symbol of Buddhist monasticism. Leo directly characterizes the king of the island – a brave and strong ruler. Four small leaves are located in the corners of the square flag – these leaves of the Pipula tree sacred for Buddhists. At the moment, it is called – FIRE WORD. According to legend, having come to the island, Buddha received wisdom and enlightenment. Hence the leaves on the flag have four meanings: mutual understanding, self -control, love and compassion. In addition, the tree has yellow and green stripes personifying the religions of Sri Lanka: Muslim and Tamil Hinduism. Ceylon flag is the only flag in the world that recognizes the religious difference between the country’s population. Christians who make up 6%get along well on the island, Muslims – 5%, Hindus – 4%and Buddhists – 69%. According to historical assignments, the religion of Sri Lanka originates from the 5th century BC. There are many religious places in the country that attract tourists from all over the world. Most of them are associated with Buddhism. The main Buddhist temple of the country is the temple of the Buddha’s sacred tooth located in Kandy. Before entering the temple, helpful Lankans sell small bouquets, because by tradition you need to go with flowers for prayer. Blue, pink and white lotuses are the center of all floral arrangements, they are considered symbols of perfection and purity. The religion of the island perfectly demonstrates that representatives of different faiths are able to get along peacefully with each other.