The ancient city of Termes

Termmas city-monument of ancient civilization, located near Antalya, at the foot of the beautiful mountain Gylluk. The heyday of this ancient city was 2-3 centuries BC. In the 5th century, the inhabitants of Termes, due to numerous earthquakes, had to move to Antalya. Despite the fact that the city was overgrown with vegetation, it is still perfectly preserved in its original form. Having visited this city, you will contact antiquity, feel the former glory of its inhabitants and warriors. The military glory of the residents of the city is evidenced by the fact that these lands did not submit to even the great Alexander the Great!

Passing through the vicinity of the city, one can imagine a picture of the life of courageous warriors and evaluate their unshakable sense of freedom. Behind the internal city gates there were special athletic sites where warriors trained. Passing along the colonnade, you go to the market square, which is surrounded. Tall walls (10-12 meters) are visible nearby). These fortifications The city was reliably protected from military invasions from the southwest side. The unraveless impression is left by the tombs of the famous warriors who were cut down in the rocks and decorated with all kinds of sculptures, animal masks, laurel wreaths. There is a mausoleum nearby, which depicts a lion. It is here that the relics of one of the most prominent military leaders of the great Alexander – Alketas rest.

Getting acquainted with the terrain, we can conclude that the inhabitants of the city were rich and religious, although they took part in numerous warriors and battles. About 7-10 temples are located here. Of course, one of the main churches was erected in honor of the Thunderer Zeus, it extends to a four -meter height, which indicates the skill of the inhabitants. The temple of Artemis is well preserved, the inscriptions on which tell about rich people who have invested their funds when building a temple.

In the city, the remains of an ancient amphitheater have been preserved, from a small site of which a magnificent view of Antalya is perfectly visible. It was here that for residents of the city, performances were arranged.

In addition to temples and fortifications, residents of Termes had their own money, bred gardens, olive groves. Surprisingly, the inhabitants of this city transported olive oil to Antalya using a pipeline, the length of which was 30 kilometers!

To visit Termes is a rare case to come into contact with ancient civilization, do not deny yourself a trip to this ancient city!