The attractions of Florence.

The flowering and unique Florence is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The bizarre architecture of buildings, amazing sculptures, fountains and squares, decorated with fantasy inherent only by genius, make the city a free open -air museum. It is best to start acquaintance with the cultural capital of Italy from Michelangelo Square. Panorama, opening from the top of the hill on which the area is located, amazes and makes you see the most hidden corners of the city. Before you go to conquer Florence, look at the list of things on vacation, which you need to take first of all, for more complete information about the list, we recommend that you follow the link. On Del Duomo Square, the most famous Cathedral of Florence is located – Santa Maria del Fior, designed by the architect Arnolfo Di Cambrio. If the majestic cathedral itself, made of green, pink and white shades of marble, was built in the XV century, then the Baptisteria located nearby dates from the twentieth century. Della Signoria Square, for centuries, was considered the heart of Florence. The beautiful fountain and magnificent buildings surrounding the area are supplemented by many copies of famous statues, up to the famous David work of Michelangelo. Many legends and stories are associated with the history of the creation of basilica of Santa. The largest Franciscan temple in Italy was built in the form of the Egyptian Cross and is known, first of all, by tombs and memorable boards of the most famous people of the country. Niccolo Machiavelli, Galileo Galileo and 300 other Italians who made an indispensable contribution to the history and culture of Italy rested here. The Church of Santa Maria Novella is also interesting. The Dominican monks who settled here in the XIII century were famous for producing drugs unique in their healing properties. And now you can purchase funds created according to the ancient and tested recipe for centuries. You just have to look into one of the many shops located near the church. Having enjoyed the architectural masterpieces of Florence, be sure to take a walk along the Ponte Vecko bridge, known for jewelry shops located right on the bridge, and, of course, visit San Lorenzo. This market is able to surprise the most sophisticated customers. In addition to standard products for any Italian market, you can see something exotic here. For example, cow intestines or stomach. But the most popular products on the market are Tuscany products, such as cheeses, wine and sausages. And souvenirs, leather products and clothing, the cost of which is significantly lower than declared in stores, are represented in the non -food part of the market.