The cultural life of New York

New York is one of the best cities in the world, therefore, cultural life here is saturated with different events. Probably everyone loves art, because this is an expression of the human soul. The Brooklyn Museum of Arts introduces visitors to the watercolors of Sandenta, this artist traveled around the world in search of the most beautiful corners of the planet, but this time he chose Venice and portrayed its fabulous life on his canvases. And on Broadway, a performance was created dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary and this touching monoscope recreates the life of the mother of Jesus.

New York is washed by the Hudson River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Hudson Bay is the inner sea, moreover, different large rivers flow into it. Every year in New York, a fleet week takes place, during which missile cruisers, huge ships are demonstrated and this only confirms the power of the United States of America.

In New York there is also an underwater car tunnel-Hudson Tunnel.

An unusual exhibition is being held at the Museum of the New York Technological Institute, demonstrating the modern hobby of people with extraordinary fashion shoes. The modern exhibition presents more than a hundred unusual models of luxurious and sometimes extravagant shoes of the most famous shoe brands.