Where to go to Spain?

Typically, travelers arrive in Spain in Madrid or Alikant. And already from these two cities they decide where to go to Spain. First of all, this will depend on the tour that was chosen in Russia. And if the trip is made independently, then the question of where to go in Spain will be solved depending on the preferences. For those who choose a beach vacation, it is best to go to the islands of Mallorca or Ibiza. These two islands are completely opposite to each other according to the way of life and lifestyle: Ibiza is a measured beach vacation, and Ibiza is fun, discos and nightlife.

Excursions in Spain can be made in any city, since this country is an open-air museum and find something interesting, you can almost everywhere. Where to go to Spain? If the goal is a budgetary vacation, then it is best to go to mainland Spain and at the same time choose the north of the country, since rest in this part is much cheaper, for example, the cost of living will be only 20 euros per day. For lovers of spectacles, you need to go to Barcelona and Malaga, where important events are held – Carnival and Corrida. And shopping people will find a worthy lesson in Madrid, Barcelona and other major cities of the country.