The most expensive city in the world is Oslo, the cheapest – goa

Experts of the Tripomatic portal wondered which of the cities of the world it is possible to live for $ 100 the longest time. After the appropriate study, it turned out that the cheapest city in the world is the Indian Goa. Here a hundred dollars will be enough for an average for nine days. But the most expensive city – the capital of Norway Oslo, where the above amount is not enough for one day.

The second largest city is New York. Here, a hundred dollars will be enough for only one day of residence.

In the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, a similar amount will end after 3.5 days. This city took the 15th line of the rating. Experts calculated that here for one -day meals there will be enough $ 17, the fee for accommodation will be $ 10, transportation costs will not exceed 50 cents, another 1.5 dollars will be enough to inspect local attractions.

Jerusalem took 35th place of the rating, where a hundred dollars will be enough for an average of 1.5 days.

During the study, experts compared the cost of residence, transport services, food and inspection of attractions in fifty cities of the world, comparing the results with last year’s data of the same selection.