Original tourist Europe

European countries have existed for a long time. For such a long period, they experienced long and numerous wars, colonization and its destruction. Therefore, each country of Europe is rich in its history and culture. Tourist Europe is very attractive to guests around the world.

The reasons for this are a stably high indicator of the economy, hospitality and goodwill, as well as the simplicity of the local population (they are ready to ensure all conditions for a comfortable rest). Rest in Europe climbed a high level, as it began to develop relatively early. Today, Europe consists of 40 countries, almost all of them are very small in area. But the population density is 500 million. Man and most of them city residents. Relations of neighboring countries are so warm that visa issues are very formal. This is very positive for European tourism. A huge plus in the development of tourism was the signing of the Schengen Treaty, which allows you to travel 12 European countries without unnecessary documentaries. Residents of Schengen are entitled to visit the rest of the countries participating in the agreement.