The nature of Africa

Africa is the second largest continent, separated from other continents with seas and oceans. It is located south of Europe, east of America and west of Asia. Africa is also one of the parts of the world and consists of the mainland itself and located around the islands. The total area occupies about 20% of the total land. About 55 countries, as well as 4 unrecognized states and 5 dependent islands are located on the territory of this continent.

Almost the entire territory of Africa is in the climatic zone of subtropics, exceptions are only the northern and southern outskirts located in subtropical zones.

The nature of Africa is unique and diverse. In the center there are impassable jungle forests with a rare animal world. There is a cozy and beautiful area with a soft sea climate along the coast. The northern part is occupied by the largest sugar deserts on the ground. The vast spaces of this desert are not populated, a sedentary lifestyle is limited by oases. In ancient times, trade routes that connect Asia with Europe took place here. The largest river of the world is also here – Nile. Nile is the only river flowing across the territory of the Sahara.

But this continent is unique not only by its rich nature, but also by a very interesting and ancient history and culture.

The population is approximately 930 million. Human. Africa is considered the ancestral home of mankind, because it is in Africa that the oldest (about 7 million. years) the remains of our ancestors.

A lot of legends and riddles are connected with this continent. The construction of the pyramids located on the territory of Egypt still remains a secret, which at one time was one of the main centers of civilization and culture of our land.

Nowadays, mass tourism is actively developing in Africa, so many countries are only now starting to discover previously inaccessible territories for visiting.

The study of the stories of the northern countries of Africa, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria attracts the north of this continent.

Central Africa is interesting with its primitiveness. Meetings with the oldest, almost devoid of civilization of the nationalities of Central Africa are unique and unusual.

South Africa is very popular with Safari lovers. This is a large national park, with rock painting and other evidence of ancient civilization. He is also interesting to extract diamonds. , deep -sea fishing in coastal waters, diving, with unique paintings of the sea bottom – this and much more will be interesting for travel lovers.