We will ski skiing in Bulgaria.

For many decades, all conditions for skiing have developed in the mountainous parts of Bulgaria for many decades. Lovers of skiing are well aware of these routes and managed to appreciate them. And why not, if in Bulgaria there are many places where the snow does not go all year round, but so dense that it can compete with the mountain European regions. Thus, to many other tourist attractions, Bulgaria also added beautiful ski routes. And the motto of these places can be considered quality and reasonable prices. Those who want to slide off the mountain on skiing, a funicular or rope-peel is delivered to the top. This is an obligatory attribute of a self -respecting ski resort. Those who wish can choose skis and equipment right in a hotel or stores, which have divorced a huge number in neighboring towns. If desired, all equipment can be rented and rented. Groups are formed from newcomers where experienced instructors are engaged in them, and after a few days each of the “recruits” independently roll up from the mountains without fear of falling and damage their hands or leg. Foreign tourists can count on the fact that they will be given an instructor speaking in their native language. In general, Russian tourists do not encounter a language barrier. Many in Bulgaria know our language. Therefore, on vacation and in the restaurant, your order will be completed correctly and on time. It is worth noting that compared to price policy in other resorts in Europe, Bulgaria stands out with moderate prices. And in quality, the Bulgarian mountains are in no way inferior to European ones, and in somewhere they even surpass. Lovers of mountain excursions should go to see the mountain arrays of Pirin and Rila. No less interest will cause walks in the rhodopa. They are lower and therefore more convenient for climbing. You will go along the already laid tourist paths. You can consider cozy houses and huts on them. Borovets is one of the oldest mountain Bulgarian resorts. It is located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters, among the most beautiful pine forests. From here in the summer excursions are sent for another beautiful place in Bulgaria – the Ril Mountains. Those who want to spend more than one day in the mountains, they remain to spend the night in mountain huts. The highest point of these places is the top of Musalu. Its height is almost 3000 m. It opens up with an amazing panorama in beauty. This is how they are led by excursions. From Borovts, three-day campaigns are made to the Ril Monastery, as well as excursions to the historical tsarist residence, which is in Bistris, as well as to the seven Rilian miracles of Oseri. Borovets was created as a hunting castle, but now there is a tourist winter center here. This is not the first time for the first time the international competitions of skiers and biathlon competitions are held. If you are interested in greenhouses, then there is nothing easier than finding out all the information you need via the Internet, for more complete information we recommend that you follow the link.