The newest in extreme tourism.

Much has already been said and written about extreme tourism, but contrary to expectations, this topic does not lose its relevance over the years, but on the contrary, it develops and attracts more and more adventurers. Each year, lists of these types of entertainment increase by two, and sometimes three times. So this time I would like to tell about the little -known to the population of Russia, extreme types of tourism, which have already been able to pay attention.

And so, spellology is a certain mixture of science with tourism, in this case you will have to study the cavities of artificial origin, but not what, namely those that are of historical value and are used today. The most attractive places for spell fans are quarries, water transporters, mines, wells, different underground passages, and in some cases even underground temples and much more.

It’s not for anyone that many people want to visit Chernobyl because of pure interest, and such an opportunity exist for a long time, some residents of Kyiv are ready to conduct an unforgettable excursion for this dead city for a fee. The tour includes: bypassing the apartments that people left 17 years ago, leaving all their property in them; You will also be taken to the highest point of the city – a fifteen -story building where you can take a picture with the flag of the USSR, and in addition, you will present a unique opportunity to visit the famous “red -haired forest”, the studies of which are still ongoing. But you can only consider the famous reactor from afar, since the radiation level is still very high and even scientists do not risk approaching it.

But more recently, another type of extreme tourism has appeared, it has more military themes. For a fee for a certain time, you can fulfill your dream and become, for example, a fighter or a tanker, going to the battlefield along with your friends.

For fans of airspace, the best option would be the Vyazemsky aero club, where there is a aerobatic group called Rus, most of these pilots have long become masters of their craft and perform in many air show. Hour of flights on the aircraft of the “L” brand will cost you approximately $ 500.

As for the tanks, in this case, you will have to be in the role of a passenger and observe the ongoing battles, but the option with driving is also possible, though already for a fee. Tank skating will cost you about $ 1000, this amount is divided into the entire crew, and the price includes 400m fare, that is, six circles, with a variety of obstacles, shots and lifting. Very often this type of entertainment is a corporate event.

And the youngest type of tourism is jailo-tourism, this amazing view was invented by farmers from Kyrgyzstan. The whole charm lies in the centuries -old history of this settlement. At first you will have the opportunity to stay with a shepherd and watch the yurt of a shepherd for a while, the endless song of which unites even more with the excellent nature of this area, in the evening there will be dinner by the fire, consisting of lamb and koumiss, and at the end in the morning you will be offered an equestrian excursion.

As you can see, in the world there are a huge number of extreme types of tourism, which are incredibly interesting and we still know so little about, but they have already managed to find their fans around the planet.