The population of Atlanta

Atlanta with its positive atmosphere attracts more and more visitors every year – both from other countries and from the USA themselves. The racial composition is presented as follows: almost 40% white, 56% of African Americans, the rest are Asians and Latin American.

The demographic situation is improving every year by 150 thousand people, and by 2020 it is expected that English -dimensions will become the sixth on the list of the number of residents in the country.

Georgia gave its capital everything that is necessary for a comfortable residence: low rent, affordable meals and clothes, so that residents are not worried about pressing problems, and actively increase their level of education – more than a third of the Atlanta population has a degree of bachelors.

More than 130 thousand people chose the sphere of high technology by their occupation, so the city can rightfully be considered progressive and advanced, and business centers, skyscrapers and hotels of Atlanteans support the status of a modern metropolis. A false tar is a high percentage of people with non -traditional sexual orientation, which, however, is a common occurrence for a metropolis.

Developed infrastructure is an important factor in economic prosperity and, accordingly, human resources. You can visit this bright and colorful place by ordering flights Moscow Atlanta.