On a note of a young mother: a vacation with a child at the resort

Many young mothers are still listening to the advice of the older generation of their relatives: a vacation with a small child up to 3 will entail catastrophic consequences, but whether this? After all, you have already planned a fabulous vacation in Turkey or Bulgaria with the whole family … In fact, given simple tips, you can get into hot countries with children of any age!

Before going to warm edges, be sure to visit the doctor – let him once again examine your baby and convince you that he is healthy. Most likely, the pediatrician will not prohibit the trip if the child has no serious problems: asthma, retinal defects or heart disease.

Choosing a rest time: the summer time is best suited. In no case should you go to rest in September, because the autumn temperature in the resort is very different from the temperature in the middle lane. Upon the return, you run the risk of getting a cold with all the ensuing.

An important factor is what time of time you will leave your home. It is sometimes difficult for adults to acclimatize what to talk about young children. Ideally, experts recommend changing the climate for at least a month, but, alas, this is impossible in the modern rhythm of life. So leave for 10 – 14 days.

How to choose a hotel? Here the most interesting begins. The ideal place of residence should have several characteristics at once:

Silence. Of course, there are no hotels with a grave absence of sounds. But from night discos and daytime festivities it is better to protect yourself. Contact the representative and ask: is it planned to plan something similar in the near future. A crumb up to 2 years is very important sleep.

The hotel should be in a city with developed infrastructure. You never know what can happen, so there should be a doctor nearby.

Traditionally, you take a suitcase with swimsuits, pareo and hats for yourself. And what things do your little son or daughter need?

Several sets of summer clothes.

Mirting panamas or caps (children are very sensitive to thermal and sunny blows).

Toys. Think about what the child will do on the beach: he does not know how to read and dad in the cards will not be. Buy a bucket, a shoulder blade, different vessels, and let the baby build locks from sand.

While you enjoy exotic fruits, the baby will eat … Here, really, than what? Grenades and grapefruit will surely cause allergies. Be sure to clarify what the hotel kitchen offers or take a weekly baby food supply with you.

Follow these tips, and your vacation even with the smallest family members will turn into a fairy tale for both adults and children.