Tips for tourists with children

All loving parents do not want to part with their child for a moment. And even more so to go without him to rest. And so that the trip is not spoiled, you need to know a few simple, but very important tips.

First of all, and, probably, the most important thing if your baby is small and has never traveled, in no case do not take him, for example, from the northern latitudes to Africa or vice versa. Changing the climatic zone is fundamentally undesirable. Otherwise, your long -awaited vacation will turn into a continuous nightmare. A sharp change in temperature regime will be very affecting children’s immunity.

An adult sometimes also feels a slight malaise. Therefore, in such cases, do not go for a short time. After all, acclimatization sometimes occurs from one week to three.

What to take with you? First of all, medical policy, necessary drugs, the most necessary things, etc. D. Be sure to consult your doctor before the trip, and listen to his recommendations. This will benefit you, so that in which case it is not to panic ahead of time.

When choosing seasons, you should give preference to a milder time – from May to June or September, that is, a time when it is not windy, not wet, not hot, etc. D.

The first journey with your child, do not choose too long, the road also takes a lot of effort and energy, so keep it in mind. Do not calculate that he will drink all the way. In order not to create unnecessary problems to none of those around you, take on the road what you can occupy a child: pencils, felt -tip pens, favorite toys, books, coloring, etc. D. In a word, what the baby likes to do you. If the baby is small, you travel by car and take a stroller or cradle with you, then you will need something that would not to get dirty craftsman at the stops. For this, a crash for a cradle is well suited, which is easily folded, does not take up a lot of space and allows you to easily install and remove the carrier without even waking the baby.

The child should not give any exotic fruits that have not been tested earlier. Do not bathe the baby upon arrival at the place. Try the first days to be in the sun as little as possible. The next day, allow him to splash a little in the water (for the first time – no more than five minutes).

Sometimes children have a temperature, nausea, vomiting, can refuse to eat. Do not panic! This is all normal phenomenon.

Naturally, everyone knows, but it is worth reminding. In no case should you drink water from the tap, always wash your hands before meals and not only, wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly, so as not to pick up, God forbid, intestinal infection.

If you want to go on excursions, do not choose long. This only tires a child, and you will constantly twitch and be annoyed. It is unlikely that this will give someone pleasure.