The country of maple leaf

For some reason, in everyday consciousness, the whole history of mankind is divided into several stages, the most important of which is the discovery of America. The emergence of this continent on the map of the world gave an impetus to the emergence of new thinking, a new, which has not so far -existing type of culture, social relations and society itself. A society where, as if in a melting boiler, nations, nations, mentality and culture are mixed, cannot but delight Europe enveloped in ancient traditions.

Usually, when they talk about North America, the image of New York shining with lights, the symbol of the United States of America, the statues of freedom or other famous places in the United States most often arise in consciousness. However, North America is not only the United States. This is a calm Canada, where nature is no less beautiful than the one that the States surprise. Canada attracts travelers and applicants with high standards of life, amazing nature and tranquility in life and politics. Canada talk about a little, because you rarely notice representatives of this country participating in political debate, as part of armed contingents. Canada has always been calm, which is very appreciated today.