Tours to Egypt, the country of sphinxes and pharaohs

For travelers who want to get inexpensive, high -quality, and at the same time fascinating rest, tours to Egypt will perhaps the best option. For every fan of history and connoisseur of real art, rest in Egypt will be the embodiment of dreams into reality. Moreover, today, trips to Egypt are available to tourists of any prosperity: from a student to a pensioner, families with children. Egypt is a hot country with a kind of people and poverty. Choosing a vacation in Egypt, you should not be afraid of new adventures. Forget about all stereotypes, they don’t work here! Traveling to Egypt will be unforgettable for those who are not afraid to visit the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, who dreams of plunging into the transparent waters of the Red Sea, for those who decide to climb Mount Moses, taste incomparable dishes of Egyptian cuisine.

Rest in Egypt guarantees you new, unforgettable impressions. Tours to Egypt are the unique underwater world of the Red Sea, it is a vacation on the beach and sea baths, a visit to historical places and legendary monuments, a trip to the village of Bedouin, skiing on ATVs and yachts, camels, surfing, safari, diving. And this is by no means all the entertainment that the fairy -tale Egypt offers. Therefore, even the most expensive tickets to Egypt will be justified if you correlate the spent means and a lot of impressions of the resulting, they are so diverse! As a rule, tours to Egypt are focused on resort zones-Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. These are today the most popular cities where our compatriots are rushing to rest in Egypt. Those who dream of visiting the Kings Valley and visit the Luxor go to Hurghada, and those who seek to get into Christian shrines go to Sharm El Sheikh.

If you planned a vacation in Egypt, remember that the most comfortable time for staying in Egypt is the winter months from September to January. Although, near the two seas, summer heat is tolerated quite well due to high humidity, and at night the temperature decreases sharply. If you want to save, do not forget that the trip to Egypt should not coincide with the New Year holidays and school holidays. It is best to go to Egypt in April-May and October. The visa for entering Egypt is not needed, so it is better to buy burning tickets to Egypt just a couple of days before leaving. Now it was very fashionable to go to the warm sea for the weekend or just relax for a couple of days. Such three to four daytime tours are most popular. Without hesitation, go to Egypt, and you will understand why this hospitable and exotic country has attracted tourists from all over the world for millennia for millennia.