Travel to Finland for connoisseurs of medieval atmosphere.

Medieval fairs – entertainment events common in Europe and America. Such festivals are usually held outside the city so as not to violate the old atmosphere, which is carefully recreated by the organizers of such fairs.

Such festivals are collected not only by old -fashioned fans from all outskirts, foreign tourists are also happy to attend colorful events. The entire territory on which the fair is held is diligently decorated to simulate the decoration and architecture of the departed era. Those who wish (and this is most of the visitors) dress up in authentic costumes in the style of the Middle Ages, which are often specially prepared for this day. And tourists and random guests of fairs can simply buy a souvenir headdress in the shop.

Today, Russians who want to join such an original pastime do not have to go very far, and visit the colorful medieval festivals of Britain, France or Germany. Medieval fairs are regularly held in Finland, where to just get from St. Petersburg or Vyborg, ordering a transfer, thereby facilitating the journey.

A favorite place for such events is the old city of Turku and the Olavinlinna fortress near the city of Savonlinna. These places have a unique atmosphere and ancient architectural decoration. The Swedish fortress of Olafsborg (Olavinlinna), among other things, is the northern northern castle structure of the medieval type and the first stone fort, which was originally built on a gunshot sedimentary weapon.

During the period of medieval fairs for tourists, the possibilities of entertaining themselves are widely found. You can visit all kinds of master class on strange crafts, look at costumed performances, listen to medieval music that I play on authentic tools of folk-college from all over Europe. But the highlight of such original festivals, of course, is the competitions of reconstructors. These large -scale battle events are mass battles and single fights of knights and medieval soldiers in authentic armor. Groups from all over the world gathered in Finland in order to determine the best in the art of owning swords and clubs, as well as boast of the skill of their blacksmiths, making equipment according to the original technologies of armored vehicles and gunsmiths of the past. Here you can see massive armor and light chain mail, two -handed axes, swords and spears, huge siege shields and maneuverable bakers. Those who wish can even try their hand at shooting from bows and crossbows.