Travel to the Netherlands – Hertogenbosh

The center of the North Barabant province is the city of Hertogenbosh. As for the population, its number is about 150,000 people. Translated from the Dutch, the name of the city means “Duchess forest”. Duke Henry the first Brabant (1183 – 1235) founded the city on wooded areas, dunes and swamps. Until the 16th century, the city bloomed, its level of development was quite high – it became the second after Utrecht. The people are sometimes called the city of Denbos. Despite the fact that the city is not at all young, it is quite well preserved. It is always nice to walk along his streets.

It is worth noting that the city of Hertogenbosh is the birthplace of the artist Jerome Bosch. The most important attraction of this city is a huge number of different sculptures. For example, on the station square there is a fountain – a column, at the top of which a golden dragon is located. This sculpture was presented to the city by the royal governor Brabant in honor of the dead wife and daughter. There is a statue of a pissing boy, but this figure is much more frank than similar in Brussels. There is a girl and a boy carved from stone who play in the covers. There are people with umbrellas and so on. Another attraction is the presence of a large number of underground channels. The thing is that in the Middle Ages in Hertogenbosh, some channels simply fell asleep and built on them at home. Some of them served as a sewer.

One of these systems is as it should be cleaned, restored and now tourists can walk through such a channel. You can start a boat in a quarter, which is called Eilenburg. He is also rich in a variety of ancient buildings, the walls of which often break into the channel. Here you can relax in wonderful pubs. They are located on Verwersstraat Street, the Northern Brabant Museum is also located here. In it you can see both ancient Roman findings and paintings. An exhibition of modern sculpture is presented in the garden. Finally, the third that will immediately catch your eye is the Cathedral of St. John, reaching 73 meters in height. It was built in 1407. The cathedral is the most beautiful cult institution throughout Holland in terms of architecture. It is built in the style of Brabant Gothic. And inside it there are a lot of interesting.

On the main square of Marct, where the cathedral is located, the oldest house of the Netherlands is located – this is Moriaan’s house. There is currently a tourist bureau inside it. Markt Square, it should be noted, very beautiful, spacious, on it you can see many interesting houses. I must say that in the city of Hertogenbosh, antiquity is always harmoniously combined with the present. Here you can see modern buildings, high -rise buildings, the new residential array of PaleiskWartier appears at the station at the station. The city is an interest in terms of cultural plan. It hosts a theater festival, as well as jazz – festival. Since Brabant is a Catholic province, a carnival passes here in February.

And the fantasy of the carnivalchiki, as you know, has no conceivable boundaries. They are very liberated, and therefore sometimes mannequins take part in the carnival procession in very unambiguous poses. One thing remains always unchanged – children get delicious sweets from the carnival prince.