Troy (Troy) otherwise called Ilion, Dardania and Scamandr, along with Babylon (Babylon) and Atlantis, is one of the legendary cities of the planet, the very existence of which has repeatedly called into question. However, the search for the illustrious Troy, under the walls of which Achilles (Achilles) and Odysseus fought, nevertheless crowned with success. The amateur archaeologist found Troy in 1876, with a very long name Johann Ludwig Henry Julius Shliman, who believed Homer. The city existed about 5000 years ago and was destroyed by ancient Greeks as a result of a ten -year siege.

A exact copy of the wooden Trojan horse has now been installed near the entrance, in which, according to legend, the Achaeans penetrated the city.

To date, 2 large towers, about 10 meters high, performing signal functions are more or less well preserved.

Archaeologists removed several meters of land and restored the majority of residential quarters, houses and streets.

Subsequently, it was proved that in the place of Troy there were at least 8 different cities, with their own culture and traditions.

Any self -respecting tourist considers it his duty to look here during a trip to Turkey and see the Great Troy with his own eyes.