Unusual hotels in the world

Hotel is most often the most not memorable place in the world. Even if the maintenance is quite good, and the interior is a pleasant, hotel room is perceived as a temporary refuge.

But hotel organizers categorically disagree with this state of affairs! In the struggle for the attention of customers, they are forced to create more and more original ideas. And sometimes the results of their works really surprise.

Kakslauttanen (Finland) differs from other “icy” hotels in scale. The “snow” restaurant is located inside a huge dome-bela, and maybe a half hundred people. This is the largest “icy” restaurant on the planet. The sauna is also distinguished by monumentality: more than 100 people can heat up at the same time!

Book lovers will undoubtedly be delighted with Library Hotel (New York). Down with ordinary “vacation” books in a soft cover! Even while on vacation you can read a variety of books – scientific, artistic, and philosophical. Book regiments here are absolutely everywhere: in numbers, in corridors and in the living room.

It happens that you like the hotel, but something is missing in it? Prague came up with how to solve this problem. Mіvenpick Hotel Prague consists of two buildings at different ends of the city. One is located closer to the historical center, on the shore of the VLTAVA. The second is located on the top of the hill, among the dense forest. Would you like to see the center of Prague, admire the sights and have a bite in a cafe? Please. And then you can easily “move” to another building on an air tram-fikeon. There are more than 400 rooms in the hotel, fitness room, 2 restaurants and 2 barra.

Samode Palace Hotel amazes with its splendor. It looks more like a palace than a hotel! The main attention here is paid to creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. In each of the 40 rooms there is a balcony and even a small garden. In a restaurant, you can enjoy the most exquisite dishes for a long time, listening to birds and the murmur of water in the fountain.

Crazy Bear hotel intrigues only one name. Indeed, this is an absolutely “wrong” hotel! Here champagne is pouring from cranes, next to the bed … a bath, and the walls are plush. Each room is made in a certain color scheme. The mint room will help to cheer up and give a feeling of freshness, and on a small balcony you can sunbathe. Minimalism reigns in the white room – geometric, strictly, and without excesses. The furniture of the black room is designed in the style of the XVIII century, but in some incredibly combined with modern interior details. Hotel restaurants twice became winners at the international competition. Here you can try dishes of Thai and European cuisine.