We are going to rest in Europe

Every year, for many Russians, the question becomes relevant where to go on their vacation, and then such a commotion associated with events in Ukraine. Can Russians really refuse visas? Visa restrictions provided, as the EU chairman said, but the European Union ambassador to Russia said that ordinary tourists from Russia would not affect. As the Association of Russian Tour operators also assures, there will be no problems with obtaining a visa to America. Refuted such information and the Embassy of Spain. There is no question of any termination of visas to Russian citizens, which is confirmed by the work of the consular services of Spain in normal mode. Those who are going to visit Spain at the invitation or on cases related to their property in this country should prepare for the new procedure for issuing a visa. Now, in order to get a visa, they will have to personally contact the Center for the execution of entry documents. It should be noted that the visas themselves in some countries have become more expensive. This applies primarily to Finland. Earlier, the service fee for the design was 21 euros, now it will be necessary to pay as much as 4 euros more. Unchanged price will remain for children under 6 years old. Beneficiaries, like last year, will not pay service and consular fees. But Finland is not the only country that increased the amount of fees when applying for a visa. These countries became Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy and the Czech Republic. The changes have occurred since the beginning of February this year. For those who want to save on visa documents, they have the opportunity to directly contact the Italy consulate in the city of St. Petersburg or Moscow. In this case, only a consular fee will have to be paid. As for Bulgaria. Her visa fee has risen for Russians by 140 rubles. But there is good news, the country gives more and more multiple visas, which, of course, justifies the increase in the cost of entry documents. Great Britain and the Czech Republic decided to keep up and also increased service and consular fees. In addition, the changes affected the rules for receiving a British visa. Visa issuance services since mid -February began to demand the provision of additional documents, the list of these documents is presented on the official website of the consulate, for familiarization. The increase in consular fees also affected Canada. It is worth noting that the service collection has remained unchanged. Not very good news for those who want to get a single tourist visa. Its cost jumped to 25 Canadian dollars. The news is much better for those who intend to get a multivisa – it has become cheaper. A pleasant surprise will be the opportunity to get a visa at India airports themselves upon arrival in this country. Such an opportunity will be implemented since October of this year. For this, Russian citizens will only need to file an application before departure and send it via the Internet. You need to wait for permission for long, only 2-3 days.