Wedding trip to Paris.

In any business, it matters how to start it. And in such an adventure as a long life together in marriage – all the more. The ceremony itself is so exciting, so clearly divides your life into two parts – before and after – that immediately after it I do not want to return to everyday life. And no need – better go on a wedding trip to Paris.

This city attracts millions of people around the world – take a walk through the Champs Elysees, take a picture, as if holding a huge Eiffel Tower in his hands, climb the observation deck, where all Paris is visible, dinner in the restaurant in the same place, and then go to the famous ” Moulin Rouge “… Say that we never wanted it, and we will not believe you. This is Paris, the cultural capital of Europe, the cradle of fashion and the city of romance, where for hundreds of years the energy of a playful and obstinate French character has been accumulated.

What awaits the newlyweds in Paris?

Almost all hotels include breakfasts in the price of residence, but at least once it is worth getting right in the morning in one of the coffee houses, sit on the terrace and order coffee with croissants. This is the same symbol of France as champagne and Versailles. By the way, in this country you are simply obliged to enjoy local wines. They will give your wedding trip a little more courage and frivolity.

For an even greater portion of frivolity, you should go to the cabaret – “muleu rouge” primarily, but there are many more no less bona -sided institutions, unfortunately, did not fall into the pen of famous writers, but very revered by Parisians. Who knows what thoughts the show will promp the show and what will inspire you when you will be left alone in the hotel later? It is impossible to resist the atmosphere of this city.

And French cuisine? No wonder she is famous as the most refined in the world. Paris will forever be associated with sensual pleasures – beautiful food, great wine, magnificent views and love, love, love ..

We planned for you wedding tours so that you can taste all the charms of Paris. The program includes excursions around the city and the castles of the Loire, a visit to the restaurant “58 Tour Eiffel” and the Kabaret Lido, a cruise on the night Senna and walking around Montmartre. You will not have to worry that you will miss at least something that deserves attention in this city, but there will be enough time to get acquainted with the secrets of the city and to devote time to each other.

And no matter how many years you live together, you will always remember that your marriage began in Paris, and therefore it is special.