Where is Uruguay?

Where Uruguay is located? This country is located in South America. The country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and Bay La Plata. The name of the country occurred according to the name of the river, which flows through the territory of the state. “Uruguay” from the local dialect is translated “river”. Where Uruguay is located, there is always warm and you can get a great job. It should be noted that many Russians are not afraid of the distance at which this country is located, and go there to live there. And many just go on vacation. Uruguay, sufficiently developed in all respects the country. Even only having arrived in the country, it can be noted that everything is different in it compared to other countries. First of all, this is free Internet, also friendly airport employees. And if there are difficulties in filling out the declaration, you can always get an exhaustive answer. Therefore, to find out where Uruguay is located. And also it is worth relaxing in this country. It is necessary to relax in the country in January-February, when the maximum air temperature per year is +22-24 degrees Celsius. However, in the summer, the country is not so cold, the air temperature is 10-12 degrees. This is what attracts many tourists to this unusual country.