Goa through the lens of the video camera

Tourists, going on a journey, try to capture their positive emotions, good mood, and, of course, new impressions, so that then, looking at the videos or photos to remember, warming the soul with beautiful moments. It will be about Goa, a video of tourists, about which, not only a personal archive, but also the possibility of those who have not yet been there, touch a little to the truth.

So, the first frame of our little film. You immediately understand that the world -famous resort of Goa is a place where there are no prohibitions. “Sab Kuch Mileg” – in a literal translation – “everything is possible” can be rightly called the motto of this place. Historical and geographical data give information that Goa, despite the fact that it is the smallest state, is the richest. From a cultural point of view, this state adopted the characteristic features of Portuguese culture, being its colony. “Goa, Video of Tourists”, which is full of the World Wide Web, clearly capture the buildings of the colonial style, Catholic temples and cathedrals.

Goa story did not go without hippies, which in the 60s made their Mecca out of the resort. Modern legislation prohibits the holding of open -air parties, so they all moved to night clubs and discos. Often a tourist is given the opportunity to become a member of the costume beach carnival, this is where there is a riot of colors and cultures – and this is all Goa. Video of tourists are not limited to sights, azure sea and hotel room, very often experienced tourists share their impressions of shopping and shopping. Of particular interest are the videos shot on FLI Market, do not be surprised at the time of filming, you do not think it actually goes on Saturday night. Be sure, you will not leave here without a souvenir and a good mood donated by the performance of the musicians.

The infrastructure of the tourist Indian state is developing at an enviable speed, today it is not just a riot of natural colors and snow -white sandy beaches, but also of various kinds of hotels and guards of Houses, bars and restaurants, as well as entertainment for every taste for every taste.

Goa is a place. Where there will be comfortable for both lovers of a sun -lease beach vacation, as well as those who prefer a more active relaxation. The coastal zone is a great diving place. Dive – clubs vying in a hurry to offer the necessary equipment and lessons for beginners. And for a few minutes and the incredible underwater world Goa opens before you!