Where it is better to relax

Italy is a magnificent country with various types of recreation, which annually attracts a huge number of tourists from around the world. The country united two types of rest – ski and sea, as if dividing it into two parts. Among the ski resorts that are located in the northern part of Italy, there is a region of a pawnshop, concentrating a large number of water bodies that occurred in ancient glacial zones, due to which it has no equal. Lombardy is considered the most favorable for health, since there is ecologically clean ALP air, many reserves and national parks. Mountains close the region from strong winds, so there are almost always moderate climatic conditions here. You think where to relax in July – consider the option with the pawnshops in Italy. There are seven lakes in Lombardy, in the waters of which the Alps are reflected. The most attractive are the lakes of Majore and Como, the coasts of which are covered with many lemon, olive and orange trees, palm trees, exotic magnolias, cypresses, blooming shrubs and vineyards. For this reason, among tourists in Lombardy, famous photographers and artists are found annually, whom inspires in this amazing place. She got its name Lombardy from the tribe of barbarians-langobards, which in 4000. BC. e. Significant territories of the country. In the Middle Ages, Italy belonged to the Roman Empire. In the XIV-XVI centuries. Lombardy belonged to the dynasties of Sforza and Visconti, famous art connoisseurs. It was according to their orders that palaces and temples were erected, to this day attracting the attention of archaeologists and historians. During their reign, famous architectural monuments were created, in particular, the “Secret Office” of Da Vinci, the Domsky Cathedral, the Cartesian Monastery in Pavia, which for many years have been gathering many tourists and connoisseurs of art in their region. Arriving at the pawnshop, you can enjoy the majesty and beauty of such ancient cities of the country as Bergamo, Milan, Cremon and Mantuya, considered masterpieces of art. Bergamo is a well -known ski resort, beckoning many lovers of this sport. However, the most important factors for choosing a place to relax in the region are the pure air of the Alps, enjoyment of remarkable lakes and the possibility of merging with nature. Rest in Italy in July will be a wonderful option if you do not chase the exhausting heat, from which you can escape into wonderful summer alps. When going to Italy for the first time, do not forget that now a piece of your soul will forever remain in Italy, forcing to return to this beautiful country again and again.