Where is Gana?

This country is located in West Africa, the north of the equator in the Volta River basin. Gan’s shores washed the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s area is 238,500 square kilometers. On the banks of the country there are many sandy beaches that are fenced off from the sea with lagons and braids, a large number of coconut palms grow on the shores. There are no natural harbors in the country, frequent and strong surfs flood low sandy beaches. In the east of the country, the mountains of this rise, the highest peak of Jebobo is 885 meters above sea level, and in the southwest there is a plateau of Auchanti and Mount Aquava, in the northeast of Gambaga. Where is Gana? This unusual African name is very interested in Europeans. In this country there is a special beach for the whites, where the umbrellas of the sea bottom is arranged, gentle and sandy on the beach, they are comparable. Merchants who offer drinks, fruits and souvenirs constantly scurry along the beach. The tourist season lasts here all year. Although the climate is tropically monsoon, there is very little precipitation. The tourism business here is very young and agencies are always ready to help tourists in choosing routes to inspect attractions. This is the Auchanti Museum, where the exhibits of the former greatness and wealth of the Kumashi kingdom are exhibited.