Where to stay in Hong Kong?

The most important issue when the trip will be: “Where to stay in Hong Kong?»The fact is that the number of hotels in Hong Kong is a great many, and you yourself choose the right in price, location and comfort is not always easy. I must say that you can not worry that your hotel is far from the center – transport in Hong Kong is set up 100% and getting from one part to another will not be difficult. Hong Kong hotels are rightfully considered the most comfortable and with many additional services, which you can order by a special catalog. Where to stay in Hong Kong? The choice is great: it can be a comfortable hotel of a luxury or a private boarding house, and even youth camps. They are also located in very diverse places – this is or the center of the city, an amazing beach, rural terrain or not far from a quiet harbor. If you arrived in Hong Kong and have not previously book any hotel room, you can contact the hotel reservation center. It works almost around the clock and is located right at the airport, after customs. This is very convenient, because the center does not take any fee or share for the housing provided and information. At your request, you can also organize transport to the selected hotel or boarding house.