Where to dive is more interesting?

The Maldives are one of the largest underwater tourism centers in the world. Hundreds of deep -sea routes have been developed here. Twenty -five areas of the archipelago, the most popular among scuba divers declared guarded natural territories.

One of the centers of the underwater swimming is the reef Laki-Hell Atoll Ari. Now the prices for vacation in the Maldives allow, so divers flows here from all surrounding resorts. You will no longer find such dense coral thickets in any area of ​​the Maldives. A lot of deep -sea fish, carpet sharks and slopes, reaching meter length lives here. Reef Laki-Hell can be found even with a large tiger shark.

One of the most beautiful underwater places in the Maldives is Reef Fottieo. It is covered with white soft corals that decorate numerous tunnels, arches and excavations of reef. Stone perch inhabiting here often surpasses a person. But newcomers should not experience fate in these places: due to strong currents from the open sea, the Fottio Reef is recommended for immersion only to experienced divers. But even if you are not such, there is something to see here, so feel free to dial the phrase “Rest in the Maldives of Prices”, and choose the right tours. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Perhaps the main thing that is attractive to our tourists to the Holidays in the UAE can be called reasonable, this is an amazing combination of the highest standard of living and ancient traditions.

They say that when a prayer is heard through the speakers throughout the district, uttered by all the faithful Muslims five times a day, then the feeling of reality of everything that happens disappears faster than mirages in the desert. And then swarthy men in white clothes come out of the door of the mosque and make another holy duty of a Muslim – the distribution of alms. Moreover, they give out to everyone indiscriminately. So the Emirates are one of the very few places where “Bakshish” do not glow among tourists, but on the contrary, they themselves pour the money.

Hotels in the Emirates are considered the most comfortable and beautiful in the world. And the grandiose complex of Jumeira Beach Hotel buildings, erected on the shore of the Persian Gulf, is called the eighth miracle of the world. One of the buildings resembles a huge sail, and the other – a giant sea wave. The minimum area of ​​the number in the “Sail” is about 170 square meters, all the rooms are two -story numbers, which affects the luxury of the finishes and decor. Of course, for such a vacation in the UAE, prices are much higher than average, but you will be sure that the money was given not in vain.

Of great interest for divers are places near the town of Horfakkan, which is located in the Chargi enclave. There is excellent visibility under water, there are no dangerous underwater trends, and the richest underwater world surprises even experienced scuba divers. Marine animals and fish living here are not at all afraid of people, and among local inhabitants there are sometimes moray people, but, as a rule, they do not attack a person first.