Who lives in Cyprus?

To date, the population of Cyprus is about 900 thousand people. Who lives in Cyprus? The main part of the population, namely about 80%, are Greeks-kiprotes, the second largest group is Turkish-kipri, which are approximately 10-12%. The rest of the percentage is foreigners living in Cyprus, among whom you can meet the British, Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians and Belarusians. Although Turkish and Greek are official languages, basically everyone speaks English here. In addition, among those who live in Cyprus, most of the young population is. This is evidenced by numbers – the population from 14 years and less is about 20%, from 15 years to 64 about 65%, and from 65 and above only 11.6%. Thus, more than half of the inhabitants of the island are children and youth. Cyprus has a pretty good life expectancy: women have about 80 years, and men have about everyone who lives in Cyprus is friendly and hospitable. Although there are differences, for example, Turks, differ in leisurely, and the Greeks are known for their slight temperament. In addition, the Greeks and the Turks still retained their way of life, religion and language. On religion, Greeks are considered Orthodox, and Turks Muslims.