A ticket to South Africa opens a portal from northern winter to African summer

The geographical names of South Africa, familiar to many of the school childhood – lympopo, Kalahari, Cape of Good Hope, wake up the imagination. They attract at least once to go there, forgetting the old saying: “Do not go, children, walk to Africa”.When the residents of the northern hemisphere fall on the dank autumn rains and winter cold, a rare person does not dream of at least a week to get to where the unprecedented fairy -tale flowering of the African desert occurs, the sun shines for 360 days a year, and the ever -warm Indian ocean, washing multi -kilometer sandy beaches. And now, once deciding, having learned the prices for tickets in South Africa, collecting the necessary financial resources, the northerner makes a breakthrough to the new world. He can only be envied. Because the South African Republic is one of the most civilized and pierced by the European influence of states on its continent. A high level of service, developed infrastructure, established tourism business, stable economy and a political way – all this makes the country a tourist diamond in the south of a sultry continent. At the same time, it did not lose all the natural charms and piquancy of Africa. Moving around this country, you can catch yourself on your thoughts that you travel around the world or are in a fantastic geography lesson. So the corners of South Africa resemble different points on the map of the globe. It was as if elusively in the aroma of France with its vineyards and wine cellars. So, you are in the province of the Western Cape, which local residents call the most beautiful Cape. Suddenly it seemed that these hills, rocks, mountain coniferous forest, a cut landscape and coast are similar to Switzerland? This is the province of East Cape. Kvasulu-Natal can first give the illusion of stay in India (due to the huge Indian diaspora of the city of Durnban “Second Bombay”-a dynamic port city), and then sober up with an acquaintance with the colorful tribe of the Zulus and visiting the historical places of the Anglo-Burial War. The North-Western San City will let dust in the eyes with the luxury and pomp of the province, in which the main extraction of diamonds and platinum of the country is concentrated. Against this background, with a smile, you will remember and thank your modest luck, sending such profitable burning vouchers to South Africa. The Province of Limpopo will plunge into the fever of the salted safari in the largest natural park with a preserved genuine natural ecosystem that has no boundaries. Virgin Forest and Savannah, mountains and waterfalls. The northern Cape is ready to throw at the feet of the traveler the luxurious carpet of the flowering desert of Kalahari. Four thousand wild types of herbs and flowers are simultaneously revealed and fragrant, recalling the speed of time and the beauty of our planet.