Travel to Venice

Venice is the most amazing and unusual city that is built on the water. Venice is known throughout the world with its beauty. She will conquer you at first sight, with her incredible architecture, narrow beautiful streets, small and graceful bridges that all Venice are strewn. In this beauty, romantics from all countries will be able to find a shelter, as this is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is here that all the newlyweds seek to get in their honeymoon.

Venice is an archipelago of 117 islands. Its total area is about 7 kilometers. It was founded in the VI century by a group of exile. It has about 200 beautiful palaces that amaze with their mysterious Gothic style. Cozy small streets, beautiful Venetian embankments and luxurious squares will not let you get bored in this immense city. If you are tired of the noisy streets and the rumble of cars, then Venice is for you, since any transport is prohibited here, which makes it a quiet and calm city. You can move around Venice on foot or water.

Be sure to take the opportunity to ride the gondolas through the channels of Venice, the sensations are beautiful and unforgettable. If you manage to find one of the carnival, which are often held here, then you will be pleasantly surprised, since everything around turns into a fairy tale. All Venice is transformed into a carnival mood, residents dress up in unusual outfits and fill the streets, shine with their beauty, so you will be provided with a cheerful mood and unforgettable night. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. Duja Mark and Palace, since they can be called the “visiting card” of Venice. Also visit the art gallery of the Academy, in which there are paintings by the most famous Italian artists. And be sure to visit the heart of Venice-this is an amazing and beautiful Square San Marko. On the edge of the square you will find two columns – these are a symbolic gate to Venice. Also, do not miss the opportunity to visit several islands on which this city is located.

Traveling to Venice will be an unforgettable story for you. Sunrise with the taste of coffee and sunset, during which all beautiful palaces and ancient buildings seem to be buried in water. While in Venice, you seem to arrive in an unusual atmosphere in which you have never before, it is an atmosphere of romance, peace and harmony. Here you will forget about the whole world and plunge into an incredible fairy tale that Venice gives to everyone who visits it. You will not want to leave this city, you will want to stay in this fairy tale forever.