A trip to Australia – all the miracles and beauty of the mysterious continent

If you dream of an unforgettable and exotic vacation, then you have to go to Australia. In this journey, you will see such amazing landscapes and natural miracles that tourists who have never visited the Green Continent do not even know about.

The climate of Australia is radically different from the European. The hottest month is January, so be prepared for a wonderful transition from raw winter to sunny and dry summer.

In Australia, it is better to wear clothes from natural fabric of light colors so as not to overheat. Swim in the ocean only in the verified and calm waters of the coast. Safe zones for water procedures are designated by green and yellow-red flags.

In Australia, hotels are classified by classes, and not by stars, as is customary. Therefore, before booking a hotel room, consult a tour operator in advance.

In large cities of this continent, most attractions are in the center, so the hotel should be book taking into account this circumstance.

If you are looking for a placement option that combines an excellent service and a convenient location, then focus on the Maine Beach hotels that fully meet such requests.

Local ocean beaches are excellent as lovers of a relaxing vacation and for those who do not present a trip to Australia without diving or surfing. Divers from all over the world gathered every summer to a big barrier reef to see this marvelous underwater world with their own eyes.

Only in Australia you can ride a board at once in two oceans – Pacific and Indian. It is for this reason that the Wave conquers dream of going to Australia. Huge emerald waves can be caught here without moving away from the comfort of civilization. There are plenty of them on the coast in the Sydney area. Many professional surf schools work here.

In the number of beauties and entertainment in second place after Sydney is Adelaide. On the best beach of this city – Gleniga, you can swim in crystal transparent water for your pleasure and play with funny dolphins. You will be pleasantly pleased with local cafes and restaurants located along the picturesque shore. Here you will be served by freshly bombed fish and local exotic dishes will be offered. In the souvenir shops of this resort, amazing artifacts await you, which you can’t buy anywhere else.

A trip to Australia is inconceivable without visiting the famous house of the opera of Sydney and numerous national parks, with their unique animal and herbal world. You can talk about Australia indefinitely, but it is incomparably better to see this unique and hospitable country with your own eyes.