Lake Tsindao

In one of the provinces of China is Lake Tsindao, which is considered the most amazing in beauty a place around the world, it is an artificial. In 1959, it appeared, subsequently the construction of one of the power plants. After the construction of the dam has ended, a reservoir appeared, which lasted more than five hundred kilometers. On the surface of the lake there are more than a thousand large islands and several thousand small. This lake the Chinese call the lake thousands of islands.

For lovers who prefer excursions passing on the surface of the Earth, there is an opportunity to visit thematic islands: islands of monkeys, birds, an island with a castle and others.

Despite everything that is on the surface of the lake, the main and truly unusual “chip” is at the depths of this reservoir. Especially for tourists in these places, the Diving Club was organized, which allowed underwater excursions for everyone.

This is a really intoxicating subconscious spectacle, according to those who were able to look into the underwater world of the lake. This lake of divers around the world is considered the most beautiful lake of the planet.

Judging by historical data, this is a flooded valley in which two old cities were located: Shi Chen and He Cheng. The city of Shi Jhen was erected by the rulers of the Imperial Tang dynasty in the 600th year. In the ancient centuries, he was the political, cultural and economic capital of this region. And the second of the cities was built even earlier. It was founded by one of the Emperors of the Han He dynasty in 208 n. e. He Cheng, according to some scientists, is the Chinese Atlantis, since at one time he was the most important center of his time.

During the construction of the dam and the formation of the reservoir, these cities went under water. Together with them, all the nearby villages and several small cities were subjected to flooding. The government of the country from these lands relocated about three hundred thousand people.

For several decades, ancient cities have been forgotten, but now, the policy of the Ministry of Tourism of the People’s Republic of China has completely changed regarding this issue. The attraction for tourists, the new leadership decided to make Tsindao. Unique underwater excursions and the study of underwater depths in search of miracles of antiquity are conducted by specialists of the Diving Center. The air atmosphere on the surface is not too favorable to preserve ancient relics, the underwater environment is better suited for this, as scientists think.