Cyprus and its best resorts

As you know, tourism for Cyprus is a lion’s share of income to the budget. The state itself is quite actively promoting new routes and at the same time everything is seriously controlled and checked. High -quality provision of services here above all. In addition, most of the population of Cyprus is working in this tourism business without turning hands.

Most Cyprus beaches are marked with blue flags. Note that the blue flag means a quality mark. He says that this beach is safe and you are waiting for a high level of service. But most of the beaches of Cyprus are municipal and therefore the city authorities take a fee for renting umbrellas and sun loungers.

Recall that Cyprus are two states on one island. Nicosia (Capital Cyprus) is divided by a green line. It is called a buffer zone between Turkish Cyprus and Greek. We rest on the Greek side of Cyprus. Be that as it may, this small state is trying to please tourists with all possible ways. And as an example, Aiya-Napa resort. It is considered a club center that mainly visits youth and they say that this club center is not inferior to the world famous ibits.

Ayia-Napa is located in the eastern part of the island. More recently, this city was just an ancient and small fishing village. And today it is a big city with a developed tourist sector, noisy and diverse nightlife. So if you are lovers of club life, then you are here. Although in the afternoon you may have the impression that this is just a quiet resort among fruit plantations, in the very center of which the ancient monastery is located. This monastery was built in the 15th century. Well, at night, Ayia-Napa, as if dressing up in Neon and starts noisy and fun dancing. But if you are lovers of a calm and peaceful vacation, then you should not call here. Continuous discos can spoil your rest.

For lovers of crystal purity of water and golden beaches, resorts of Protaras and Paphos were created. They are as if created for a quiet and family vacation. Protarasa – a village where it is very quiet and calm. It is most suitable for relaxation with the family. There are also discos at night, but they don’t bother anyone. The beaches of the Prostears resort are located near the fig bay. They are practically surrounded by figumous groves and the sea view from them is simply amazing.

The resort in pathos is even more quiet and calm than in Protaras. Most tourists here are expensive here – the elite. This resort is also different in that there is the most VIP hotels most here. The city of Paphos is part of the resort heritage of UNESCO. He is known to everyone thanks to legend, according to the legend of which, in one of the bays of the city from foam water, the goddess of love of Aphrodite was born. The best sandy beaches of this resort are located in the Bay of Coral Bay.

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Cyprus is famous, an equally popular resort – Larnaka. It is great for couples with children. Here the sea is not deep and the bottom is sandy. Still very comfortable and beautiful in the city of Limassol. This is the second largest city of Cyprus. Here all the beaches are covered with volcanic sand. There is a unique zoo in Limassol, and all the sights of the city are located compactly and conveniently.