Climate in Turkey

The climate in Turkey is distinguished by hot summer and quite cold winter. In the coastal areas (on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts) of the winter are softer, thanks to sea wet air. The Black Sea coast characterizes a warm summer and a moderately warm winter. The air temperature in the winter months lasts about +5 degrees, and in the summer reaches +27-30 degrees.

The climate of Turkey in coastal areas is favorable for people with respiratory diseases. In combination with the air of coniferous forests, it has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Many doctors prescribe healing after severe diseases in resorts with such a climate. Especially good air, sea water and sunbathing affect the children’s body. The main mountainous part of Turkey has the continental nature of the climate. Winter here is cold, and summer is moderately hot. The temperature in winter rarely when they drop below 0 degrees Celsius, and in summer the air can warm up to 23-25 ​​degrees. The southeastern part of the country has a more dry and desert climate than coastal areas.

There is not a lot of precipitation in a year, approximately 2000 mm. Summer heat is better tolerated in coastal areas and in the highlands.