When it’s cheaper to go to the Maldives?

In the peak of the season, the price drifts for trips to one or another resort increase markedly. At this time, they reach a double, and more price. Therefore, trying to save money, we strive to either fly on vacation not in the season, but a more calm time, or we strive to find burning tours. And when it is cheaper to go to the Maldives? Tour to this country is dear to any time of the year.

But the season here also happens when the influx of tourists exceeds the usual norm. At this time, prices reach their climax. You can leave several thousand and even tens of thousands of dollars in the resort. So, for example, the minimum cost of a trip for one tourist for a week in the island tour will be two thousand dollars without taking into account the flight. The flight itself costs almost as much as the rest itself.

The season in the Maldives lasts more than six months. From November to May, the hotels are filled with vacationers. But this is only a conditional name. You can relax here all year round. It is always hot here, and humidity is not at all noticeable. And when you have already found out cheaper to go to the Maldives, do not forget to take care of cash. Here they will also come in handy. A lot of funds are spent on souvenirs and excursions, even if you ordered a tour with food. And the excursions are very seduced, and to visit morning fishing is very hunting.