Egypt and coast climate

Typically, Egypt is climately divided into three zones: the Mediterranean coast and the Nile Delta, where the climate is softer and moist, the zone between Cairo and ICUT – it is conditionally called the “transition zone” – and the upper Egypt, where the climate is dry and hot. However, maybe this division is more likely for specialists. A person entering Egypt feels the heat ”as the main law of the country’s life, wherever he is.

They also believe that Egypt does not know spring and autumn: only a hot sultry summer and a blessed cool winter. However, this division is also conditional. The Egyptian very clearly separates the winter from spring, and an observation person may notice this. Spring – April and early May – felt by the freshness of colors, a special soft radiance of the sun.

The Nile at this time seems to be enlightened, and its surface seems serene and mirror. All Cairo these days is covered by violent flowering of tropical acacia, lasting only two to three weeks. Huge pink, purple and yellow flowers wrap the trees with a continuous cover, and the whole city seems to be painted with bright colors. By the mood, this must be resembled the flowering of cherry and apple orchards in the Central Russian strip. The same feeling as if suddenly coming youth in nature. The repetition that always seems new.