Comor islands – what to see

Comor islands: a minimum program. The weather is on the hosylets. What to see, attractions…

Comor islands. Note to a tourist: weather on mosquitoes, climate, clothing

Climate. For a trip to Komorsky Islands, a hot season should be avoided, from November to May. There are constant rains, and humidity is very high. This time of the year was also marked by frequent storms and strong winds, especially in January and February. Rains are distributed through the islands extremely unevenly. The more elevated islands of this volcanic archipelago, especially the Grand Comer and Anjuan, get sediments much more than the plain island of Mayotta. On the other hand, the western shores of the islands, open to the Musson, are more rainy than oriental (“leeward”). On the island of Mayott, the dry season, which begins in April, is quite clearly expressed, and especially on the eastern shore (Dzauji). Mosques remain aloof from the usual path of the Indian ocean cyclones.

The best season on the hosygun is the dry season, which is also called “cool”, although temperatures during this period remain quite high. This season lasts from April to November on the island of Mayott and from May to October – on the rest of the islands. Sunny days are more often observed on the eastern shores of the islands. From May to August, the southeastern wind “Kusi” blows. In some years, in October, there are one or two rainy weeks on mosquitoes. These are “mango” rains, the presence of which means that mango in December will be particularly juicy.

You can swim on the hos.

Tourism. Tourist flow for hos. Most tourists go to the island of Mayotta from France.

Dangers. There is a risk of catching malaria all year round throughout the country. Insects are active all year round at night.

Cloth. Clothing should be summer, mainly from natural fabric. A light jacket can come in handy in the “cool season” in the evenings. Sports shoes are desirable on the island of the Grand-Comer (the relief is very crossed). Women should avoid shorts and mini-yoke (Komora-Muslim country).

Diving. The island of Mayotta is distinguished by the wealth of coral reefs. The best months to dive – April, May and June: at this time there is little rain, the wind is weak, and the sea is very calm. The period from mid -September to November is also favorable. Time from January to mid -March should be avoided – the monsoon north wind “Cascaz” blows at sea. From July to October, whales gather off the coast of Mayutta, and mid -August is the best moment to observe them. The ability to observe turtles is all year round.