When the wind in Egypt?

Rest in Egypt is a wonderful way to conduct another vacation to be fascinating and vividly. But in order not to be spoiled, you need to choose the right time of the trip. It is known that the winds are almost constantly blowing in this sunny hot country. But when the winds in Egypt subside – it turns into paradise on the ground, into which you want to return again and again. Throughout the year, Egypt is affected by northeastern winds, replacing the southwest closer to the beginning of March. Stronger winds blow in the period from mid -April to June. After that, their force is noticeably weakening, and the hottest months in Egypt occur. Do not take risks and go to Egypt in winter, and especially in the last decade of January. January is a month when the wind in Egypt is the coldest. In order to avoid strong winds during rest, you should choose a place for a residence protected from the windy desert mountains. To do this, you need to study in detail a map of the terrain relative to the location of the mountains and deserts. If you still get into Egypt in the wind season, do not despair. You can visit interesting excursions to the Luxor or other famous places where the wind will not stop you from inspecting the sights.