Cozy Prague

It is impossible to forget the Czech Republic. This will be confirmed by everyone who was at least once in this incredibly beautiful country. Cozy stone streets of Prague and Karlovy Var create in a tourist a stranger that he was in a fabulous world created by ancient wizards and filled with love.

For our tourists, Prague may seem strange enough. Only leaving far behind the Vaclav Square and the main attractions of the capital of the Czech Republic, you can feel the indescribable atmosphere of antiquity and comfort. This city knows how to be measured, quiet and calm, although the townspeople rush to work in the morning, and in the evening they quickly go home.

In the cafes and restaurants located far from the center of Prague you will not hear your native speech, the food here is completely different, and as entertainment you can play Darts – the favorite game of regulars. And local small shops and shops, although modestly decorated, but getting into one of them, you will be fascinated by a cozy atmosphere and the desire of the owner or seller to help you.

For the first time wandering in Prague, don’t be afraid to get lost. Boldly walking and examining every hidden corner of the old city, you can discover for yourself an old city hidden from organized groups of tourists, which will be remembered for the rest of your life.