Daegeumgul. Cave cross flute. South Korea.

Daegeumgul cave (transverse flute cave) is the youngest Korean cave show open in 2000 and developed to open for visits in 2007. The modern development of the cave is trying to protect the caves as much as possible. As a result, this cave has a monorail system with 42 places, as a result of which the maximum number of visitors of 720 people per day. The trip takes 10 minutes and brings visitors to the entrance to the cave and 140 meter -long tunnel, which brings to the camera with a waterfall. Here the trip on the funicular ends, and the underground tour begins. It includes a dry passage with the wealth of education, including stalactites, stalagmites, corals and cave pearls. The tour ends at the underground lake, 60 meters long, 30 meters wide and 9 meters deep.

The Daegeumgul cave is named after Daegeum, a transverse flute that is a traditional Korean tool. Visitors must order a tour on the Internet in advance, unfortunately, on the official website only in Korean. The park also has a center of visitors with two exhibitions that are in the hall called the Cave Secret. The cave research hall is located at the city exhibition