Dalarna – real Sweden

Every tourist who at least once visited Sweden and looked at the souvenir store is familiar with the far -haired horse. The pretty wooden horse is traditionally red, although there are other suits painted with bright colors and brushing to the city toy – the main Swedish souvenir. Horses are sold everywhere, and they come from the very middle of the country – the region, which in the old days they called the farmlia, and now they are called Dalar.

It is believed that this region is “Swedish Sweden”, the region, where most folk traditions and crafts have been preserved. Yes, and here the most beautiful landscapes. Mostly flat, because the name of Dalarne itself comes from the word Dal – Valley. However, this territory is not so flat, there are hills, and ski resorts are arranged on the hills. Snow here falls out early and does not melt for a long time, the ski season lasts from the beginning of December to mid -April.

So if you want to ride with a view of the original Sweden, you just here.

For example, go to Clappen, which is 400 kilometers from Stockholm.

To get to this place, you can sit in the Swedish capital on the Swebus bus, which will take you to the resort in about 5 hours and 400 kroons (one crown is 4.5 rubles). Or you can buy a combined ticket for the Stockholm – Burlang train and for Bus Burlang – Clappen on the website of Swedish intercity trains SJ – the cost of 300 kroons (the road on both modes of transport, taking into account the time of transplantation, will take a little more than five hours). But in these options there is a significant minus-the resort is quite large, and there is no domestic transport, that is, you will have to move between cottages, restaurant stores and lifts for your two. Again, the dependence on the bus schedule greatly limits you in moving around the region-but you probably want to go to the surrounding towns.

In general, the best option is a rented car. Moreover, Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz rental points are located next to Stockholm Airport – you can get to them by free shuttle to travel by personal transport: the roads are good, along them, pretty landscapes or villages with houses that look like IKEA windows (Swede They love large windows and do not like dense curtains, so the interiors are easy to see). Yes, and you can always slow down with souvenirs shop, because there are few souvenir products at the resort itself, and leaving Dalarna without a red painted horse is somehow not interesting.

If you are not going to go to Sweden urgently, it is quite possible to make a fascinating journey through the countries of the former union. On the trip, you can always use Kharkov rental and get comfortable and inexpensive housing for the vacation period or business trip.